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Fake News Site with articles based on everyday things and of course poking fun at the easiest target in America (W). The words are real, it's only the stories that are false.
Added: April 30, 2006
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Our Favorite W. Cares About the Interests of all 52 States.

In a recent interview with our incredibly astute leader, Dump Digest's newest reporter Mitchell Goosen sat down with the president to see how he feels about domestic issues.MG: Thank you for joining us Mr. President.W: You're welcome Mitch.MG: ...

Rodney Pinkerton's Thoughts on....What the Hell is Trisodium Phosphate? And Why the Hell is it In My Cookie Crisp?

Rodney Pinkerton's Thoughts on.... is an editorial section from the mind of the annoying guy that has to tell me his retarded ideas and theories about the world while I take the bus to work. I have tried to take other buses to get away from ...

1 Out of 10 Doctors Won't Lower Their Standards for Money.

(9 out of 10 doctors are sell-outs)A recent study by The New England Journal of Doctors has shown that a whopping 90% of doctors recommend a product over its competitors if that product is presented to them in a bottle marked with green paper ...

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