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A gossip site for the pharmacological world. Neat trivia about drugs and poisons.
Added: June 19, 2007
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Is this thing on?

Hi folks. Not sure if there's anyone still out there, but I thought I should let you know that I made a new blog! Here's a fancy link to it!I might update this one at some point? We'll see.

Suicide do's and dont's: Seven drugs, poisons, and other chemicals that are great to kill yourself with, provided you are into that sort of thing

Obligatory Disclaimer: The intention of this post is not to provide instructions on how to end your life. If you are seeking such information, there are plenty of places to find it on the Internet. My personal view (since you obviously want ...

Suicide do's and dont's: Eight drugs, poisons, and other chemicals that you shouldn't use to kill yourself

I did a post on this topic when I first started this blog, but it needed improvement. Behold, improvement!8. Sodium chloride (table salt)Yeah, you read me right. Pretty much anything will kill you, if you get enough of it into you. This includes ...

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