Double Birth Orders

Double Birth Orders
Added: January 03, 2011
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Judge Roy Moore His Birth Order Defines HIm

         For readers that are new to birth order theory you should know that all birth orders have both positive and negative characteristics. A trait thought by some to be positive may be negative to someone else. Every birth order ...

George Soros: A Tale of Two Brothers Sibling Rivalry

                       George SorosWhen there is funding for progressive liberal organizations the name George Soros is usually in the news.  Just who is this man and what does his birth order say about his behavior. ...

Presidential Advisors Valerie Jarrett & Kellyanne Conway

              Every US President seeks counsel from a select few of his closest most trusted confidants.  They go by a variety of titles. Senior Advisor, Counselor, and White House Chief Strategist.  Whichever title you use ...

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