Dorris the Flip Flop Gardener

Added: September 05, 2011
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Bird Brained

It's February in Texas, and although my plants may have been fooled into thinking Spring Has Arrived, my wintery feathered friends are still showing up each morning for a little snack. Feeding birds is not only great entertainment (with minimum ...

Mulch'll Do About Anything

It’s September in Texas and I’ve officially forgotten what rain looks like. It’s that wet stuff that falls from the sky, right? No rain for two months means there’s a direct correlation between the increase in outside temperature and ...

Beat the Heat: Umbrella Gardening

It’s August in Texas and it’s hot. Like, melt your flip-flops to the pavement hot. I’ve lived in Texas most of my life, so you think I’d be use to it, but oh no, as we creep from June into July each year, I find myself disturbed by the ...

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