I write satirical articles directed at the tyranny of the publishing world which requires us, the writing virgins who have yet to call themselves authors, to arrive at the hallowed doors of their mighty fortress  with not just with a manuscript in hand, but a fully developed, what they call, 'platform' (that word conjures up visions of an oil rig in the middle of the Atlantic!),  comprised of a website, a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, to name just a few of the elements, each showing a following by untold thousands, whose only goal in life is to fill the publishers coffers with substantial revenue made up of our book’s selling price multiplied exponentially.
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A Little Bit of Knowledge can be a Dangerous Thing….

If I have been silent for a long time, it is because I have been busy spinning my wheels.

Say What?

Every morning I watch the news on CNN and find myself repeatedly confronted with the realization that,

A Rotten Apple

After the bi-partisan legislation, the Manchin-Toomey Bill, which called for expanded background checks on gun sales via the Internet and at gun shows, was defeated in the Senate last month, I published a post here called “Adding Tremendous ...