Divorcing Rick

Daily life after a wicked divorce.
Added: March 16, 2009
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Too all my bitchy...

sissy and whiny ex's...FUCK YOU AND THE YOLKS I BROKE OVER THE YEARS.Put jelly on your damn toast.I feel better now...better late that never.

When I was in high school...

...I woke up every morning, showered and then listened to FM radio as I primped for the day. It took less than an hour. Somehow, I braved high school without being hygienically taunted.I must say, as well, I was ahead of my time in nail polish. ...

I Put 2 Posts Back Up...

...that I had taken down to avoid hurt feelings. It didn't work. Apparently, it did annoy one person but not enough for that person to call me and confront me about it. Rather, they called their own father who had never read what I wrote but ...

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