Evolution is my first album. It was released on Sep 15, 2008. The recording sessions lasted from March to August 2008 and I worked on this record during the breaks from touring with my band. My 2nd solo album is called Codex Magika and was released on Sep 18, 2012. My latest album, The Art of Complications, is out since Jan 10, 2016.
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New Video: M.I.P.

New Guitar Video, MIP (Metal in Progress). I use this track for teaching at my courses and will be included in my next solo album as well.. For Guitar maniacs: Guess which amp I am using..

PEAVEY TRIPLE XXX Guitar Video - Pt. 2

PEAVEY TRIPLE XXX Pt. 2 - Crunch & Lead channel. This song is unreleased and will be on my next solo album. It was tracked with one Shure sm 57 and an Audio technica (condenser).

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