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Added: November 30, 2016
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Digital Advertising: Great Opportunity and Great Competition

People are consuming more media than ever, and that media is increasingly digital. This means more opportunity for digital advertising, but also more competition for consumers’ attention spans. Where do you fit in? Adults Spend 12+ Hours a ...

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report 2016

Recently, IAB released its 2016 Internet Advertising Revenue Report. Today we’ll check out some of the highlights and talk about the digital giants behind the growth. Digital Advertising is Up, Thanks (Mostly) to Mobile From 2015 to 2016, ...

Personalize Content for An Audience that Prefers Digital

You’ve heard that you must personalize your advertising to your target audience, and that video is increasingly popular among all audiences. Today we’ll explore how these two ideas can come together. The Growing Popularity of Digital and ...

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