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Diatribe: Nadkins.

We come across them all the time … things we didn’t know we don’t need. There is a peculiar marketplace available where entrepreneurs who think they’ve discovered the solution to enormous problem facing the world can peddle th

Ovation: America’s Oldest Teacher, Agnes Zhelesnik, Is An Inspiration!

When I was in high school, at least one of my teachers had also had my parents in her classroom. I remember her as being very strict and her class quite boring. But mostly I just remember her as being the “old teacher”. My folks thought ...

Diatribe: Know The Difference Between A Selfie And A Mug Shot.

When we gathered to open our gifts we found several packages underneath the Christmas Tree, all shaped exactly the same and wrapped in identical holiday paper. They each had a name tag and there was one for everyone in the family … except ...