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All about martial arts training. You'll find tips on all aspects of martial arts training such as techniques, fitness, nutrition, philosophy and history. Shorinji Kempo | Tang Soo Do | Iaido
Added: November 25, 2008
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Guinness World Record for Breaking Tiles

Congratulations to Lisa Dennis's Guinness record on tile-breaking! She smashed 1000 roof tiles in 83.98 seconds.

Karate is not about beating up the other guy

I didn't say this, Geoff Thompson did…Check out this interview / lecture. Fascinating insights into one man's journey in the martial arts and how it can help you to master your fears.

Exercise reduces dementia

BBC article here."Exercise 'significant role' in reducing risk of dementia, long-term study finds"…so keep on doing that thing folks! It'll not only help fight the flab but also protect your brain. It's just one more reason to keep on exercising ...

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