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Gonna get hit by a truck.

So..I got Five devices.. Easy pieces right,One of which has unlimited calling,And I pay for my home internet, now, 'cause, for no reason, as you'll see later, but whatever.Call home.Internet.iPod Touch and such, (don't wanna show too much) but ...

No Country, Josh Brolin.

Roll Out Luftantsa Like I'm Poland.Cracking Necks Like Strata-Varied-And Curious.Blowing Up Like Folger's Colonics,Caught the virus like pall-mall dipped in bubonic.And wit' Ebonics, kid's the new Shakespeare.Not even a leer jet fly,Over that.And ...

So, you're saying, it goes up if i say it will?

Yup.That's exactly how it who the fuck are you?Costner couldn't field or dream a pitch like this.I'm the Kentucky mahogany (I know exotic wood.,)crush can aluminum interior. (Light or orange?)How 'bout Spritzer duketnacan I May+Fuck ...

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