My name is Beth. I live in Canton, Ohio with a domestic partner named Debbie; three boys named Robbie, Jimmy, and Billy; four dogs named Maggie, Kayla, Cooper, and Penny; and two cats named Twiggy and Panther. Our boys all came to us through foster care, and are now adopted. As you might imagine, life’s a little crazy at our house. I’ve often been told I should write a book about my experiences with foster care, the adoption process, and of course our crazy animals, but who has time to write a whole book? So, here’s my blog instead.
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Graduation Day

I’m so proud of Robbie!  He marched in his high school graduation ceremony yesterday.  You have to understand that every time he’s had to do something similar – such as receiving awards at school or being confirmed at church ̵

Happy Mothers’ Day!

I spent many of my childhood years complaining about my mother, dwelling on all the things she did wrong – like not letting me go to NYC with some friends from high school when I was 14.   Did I think she was crazy?!?!??! Now that I have ...

Exceptional Olympics

Most of the school districts in Stark County sent their special needs children to a “field day” event at our local high school in Perry.  You can see the story here. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated!!!!