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10 Hilarious Things Your Toddler Finds Devastating

1- You took a bite of your toddler’s food. This is darned and has turned whatever is on their plate into gutter trash. Toddler food sharing goes only one way: into their mouth. Your toddler is now devastated. 2- You’re trying to strap your ...

Kids Interrupt Dad During BBC World News Interview

A BBC World News expert guest gets interrupted live on air by his mischievous but adorable kids. Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed on live TV about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye, when his two children stole ...

Pregnant Woman Wears Giraffe Mask, Spoofs April The Giraffe Video Feed

 As Erin Dietrich was nearing her due date, she found it increasingly difficult to sleep through the night. What kept her occupied during the sleepless nights of late pregnancy was her ability to sympathize with a pregnant giraffe over 700 ...

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