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In an effort to prevent future issues if, or when, I change hosting platforms ever again, Dan's Media Digest now has a custom domain:www.dansmediadigest.co.ukIf you bookmark that URL and follow

It's been a week, so have you joined me on Medium yet?

I closed the curtain on further activity here last Friday, after 10 years on Blogger. If you're somehow not aware yet, Dan's Media Digest now has a new home at:www.medium.com/dans-media-digest/It's great to already see some familiar names joining ...

Dan's "Medium" Digest

HUGE NEWS if you're an avid reader of Dan's Media Digest, which you'll certainly want to read.Sorry it's such a long piece (maybe a bit indulgent of me), but I wanted to cover all the bases and make it very clear why this is a fantastic development ...