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Added: October 19, 2011
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I did the Thrillist 31 day challenge and here's what happened

With my new status and the new year upon me, I decided that I should probably look at my health. I thought I was in OK shape - I run a few times a week and I get to the gym when I travel. How out of shape could I be ? A quick visit to the scales ...

All the small things, true care, truth brings

As with most things in life the passage of time either adds a new perspective on things or completely distorts the view of them. So it is with precisely that in mind that I approach the fact that my marriage is now over.As you know I am extremely ...

Cats in the Cradle

I awake with a jolt.For a moment I can't move , I'm strapped in.I'm fine - I'm sitting in a plane, now wide awake with 5 hours flying time to go. Sleeping on planes isn't too hard as long as you follow the routine - Eat the mediocre - high calorie ...

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