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I am an architect and this is my blog about architecture, interior design, lifestyle & photography
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How to Become a Licensed Architect in Italy

How to become an architect in Italy? To enter the profession in Italy, you are required to first obtain a degree in Architecture. There are three kind of degree: Bachelor of Science 3 years Master of Science 5 years (2 years after the bach ...

ArchiTalks #30: Ugly

Today’s post is the 30th post of the series called #ArchiTalks. This month’s theme: “Ugly”. Topic Lead: Jeremiah Russell. This month’s topic is awesome. We could talk for years about “ugly” and “the idea of ugliness” in ar ...

There is no moolighting. It’s a jungle!

Moonlighting #28 ArchiTalks I must confess that the first thing I thought, when I read this month’s #ArchiTalks  theme , was… Throwback to the ’80s! I loved that show! Anyway, now I know what moonlighting actually means, and I also get ...

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