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Computer Culture is about people and the technology we use. Computer Culture strives to bridge the widening technology gap with straight forward down to earth language, and a dose of humor and humility.
Added: September 07, 2009
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It’s been a while, and I’m glad to be back

I just checked my Linked-In account, and for some strange reason I clicked on my blog link.

3D Television in the Works.

Just the other day I was doing a little Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart, and I was happy to see the cost of LCD and Plasma TVs are almost in my comfort zone. Maybe I’ll get a nice HD TV in the near future…or maybe I’ll wait….It looks ...

Books, we don’t need no stinking books!

Say it ain’t so…is this the beginning of the end of books? I hope not, but’s Kindle 2, and Barnes & Nobles’s new Nook e-book reader (scheduled to debut late 09) is making book lovers (maybe better to say

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