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This blog is a journal of my journey into the world of stop motion animation with clay and plastercine. It logs all of my attempts no matter how bad they are :)
Added: April 16, 2006
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The Dinosaur Joke - Revealed

So, you saw the dinosaur joke and thought, hmmm... I wonder how he did that. Probably not, well, I will tell you anyway. My father-in-law John did the joke to camera. I then used clever animation software to study 1 frame of the subject at ...

Dinosaur Joke

Dinosaur related humour. I did this animation for my son who like Dinosaurs. The joke was told by my father in law.

Family Guy Introduction Animation for BBC3

I did this animation for BBC3. It is an introduction for the cartoon Family Guy. It is currently on the BBC website and I hope it will get aired.

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