Catholic Prayers

A collection of Catholic prayers and more.
Added: November 08, 2007
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Thank You Lord

Lord God Almighty, I thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Thank you for the life full of happiness and love. You have provided me with everything I need. You gave me my family and friends who inspire, encourage and bless me with ...

Prayer of Hope and Redemption

Heavenly Father, you are a merciful God! You know what is in my heart and I call for you for help. Have mercy on your servant and help me gain redemption from this wretchedness. Yours is an UNFAILING LOVE. My hope and strength leaves me ...

Congratulations Catholics!

Congratulations Catholics. We have a new Pope. He is is Cardinal Jorge Borgoglio of Argentina. Visit Catholic Prayers to see collection of inspiring prayers. Click here.

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