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Carp ,tackle ,bait ,rigs and venues, Carp anglers UK fishing blog is aimed at those who target carp specifically in their angling and caters for all levels of ability.
Added: June 19, 2012
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The 360 Rig

The Controversial 360 Rig ExplainedEver since the 360 rigs conception and introduction into the Carp fishing world it has often been the subject of debates by Carp anglers as to whether the unorthodox pop up style rig is safe or unsafe.Carp ...

We have A Winner

TF Gear V10 Reel Competition Reminder

Only 5 more days to go before the winner of our 3 x TF Gear V10 Distance Reels is announced so if youv'e not entered already don't miss the opportunity.(See earlier post for entry details)

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