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There are four things Donald Trump can do to be the greatest President in modern history

Robert Steele: Memorandum for the President – Warning on a Violent American Spring, Eight Actions for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENTWARNING: You have 30 days to settle the country. A violent “American ...

JOSE MARTI – By Dr. kevin Alcena

“Deo adjuvante, non timendum.” “With God as My Helper, I have nothing to fear”Unlike men with political ambition, Jose Marti was a man with political ambition with a difference: a difference that propels a political activist, poet, ...

America is now on its way to becoming a mendacious autocratic kakistocracy!

TRUMP BEYOND POLITICS:By Gilbert Morris -What we are witnessing - extended from the very beginning of the Republic - is a civil war. One both within the Republican Party and one between that party as it will emerge and the Democrats. Make ...