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Added: May 16, 2017
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Why Do You Get Marijuana Munchies?

Marijuana munchies hit hard and fast. Weed and the munchies go together like peanut butter and jelly! Let's explore why cannabis gives people the munchies. The post Why Do You Get Marijuana Munchies? appeared first on Cannabis Gorilla.

How To Make CannaButter Cookies!

Sure pot brownies may be what you see in all the movies and TV shows, but you have not lived or tasted heaven until you have pigged out on a plate full of cannabutter cookies! The post How To Make CannaButter Cookies! appeared first on Cannabis ...

Cannabis Decarboxylation for Increased Potency

What is cannabis decarboxylation? Cannabis decarboxylation can greatly increase the potency of your edibles. Learn how to decarb cannabis to make your baked cannabis goods even more potent! The post Cannabis Decarboxylation for Increased Potency ...

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