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Added: September 21, 2013
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C# Password Protected File

In this article...I'll talk about how to protect a file with a password (any file type) - without using ZIP or any other archivers. The file will be encrypted and then 'attached' to an executable, which will be later used to decrypt it using ...

C# Create Secure Desktop (Anti-Keylogger)

Since the number of Keyloggers keeps growing, I decided to publish this little trick hoping that it might be useful for someone. I discovered it when I was looking on how User Acount Control/UAC from Windows 7 protects the data - I was 'amazed' ...

C# Make a Critical Process (BSoD if Killed)

A critical process is a type of process that Windows requires to be running - csrss.exe is an example of such process. Whenever a process like this finishes it's execution (or it's terminated) Windows will respond with an authentic Blue Screen ...

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