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Broken Laughter is an occasional blog by a middle aged Midwesterner. It will include posts and articles about politics, current events, arts, and anything else that the Broken Laughter editor chooses to post.
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Trump Pardon Of Arpaio An Atrocity

Donald Trump’s Friday, August 25 (while Category 4 hurricane Harvey was making landfall) pardon of former (note the word “former”) sheriff Joe Arpaio was not a surprise. ( ...

Trumpian False Equivalency

Individuals or members of groups opposed to white supremacist/nationalist groups are not equally culpable as members of the KKK, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, white nationalist or other hate groups. Members of hate groups have perpetrated many ...

Trump And Charlottesville And White Supremcists

Despite being President of the United States, and therefore theoretically representing the interests of ALL Americans, Donald J. Trump has never stood up for populations of Americans who have been attacked: Defying years of tradition, Trump ...

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