Brain Dominance

¿Do you know what brain dominance means? Latest studies are shifting self knowledge and teamwork paradigms. One of 4 cuadrants is dominant in each one of us (analogue to left or right hand dominance) determining our talents and weaknesses.
Added: October 09, 2007
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Definitions and concepts

By Katherine Benziger, Ph.D. (Part I for the March/April Exponent)Taken from (articles) Breakthroughs in brain research in the past 10 years have shocked neuroscientists. Learning to live an energy efficient lifestyle has taken ...

How brain dominance can help in career planning?

Brain dominance is being used in identifying individual and group talents or strengths.This self knowledge based on latest neurological discoveries helps in making better decisions as which university career one should study or in accepting ...

Brain Dominance in education

Whole Brain Teaching and Learningby Sue LeonardThis article reviews the concepts of Ned Herrmann’s Brain Dominance theory and instrument. Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model can be used to build learning experiences to enhance learning and make ...

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