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A photo blog for Boston Terriers. Send me a Boston Terrier picture and I'll post it.
Added: April 30, 2006
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Fenway...the silly Boston

"I just had to submit these silly pictures of my sweet boy Fenway. He was such a good sport when I put him on the rocking horse and his little brother Asher was thrilled to hang out with him in his crib!"

Georgi and Rexi

"Greetings from Seattle! I adopted Georgie (the one with the red collar) and Rexi (the one with bat wings), a few years apart from Gray’s Harbor Boston terrier rescue here in Washington state."

Kramer & Jerry

"Kramer has been on this site before, dressed as a reindeer pulling Santa in the sleigh. Now he has a little brother - Jerry. Looks like he’s telling Jerry “Just be quiet and they will never suspect a thing!”"

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