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Added: November 30, 2016
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DIY Dishwasher Safe Monogram Cat Mug Gift Card Basket

Looking for a cute way to give a gift card? Why not DIY this cute, dishwasher safe kitty mug as a mini gift basket. I'm still not feeling very creative since the move.  Hence the lack of regular posts.  However when some of my best friends' ...

DIY Tree Art Recycle Bin Trash Can and Free Printable Pattern

Easy DIY craft tutorial how to make an awesome decoupaged tree art recycle bin for the home from a standard garbage can using free pattern printable. If you have read my last couple of blog posts you probably already know that I'm still ...

Recipe How To Make My Favorite Paper Mache Paste

I often get asked how I make my paper or papier mache paste.  The only time I've posted my recipe was in the middle of one my projects and have just referred back to that project ever since. Today I'm going to share it in a stand alone post ...

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