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Easy DIY Home Decor: Hanging Monogram Wreath Tutorial

Easy DIY Home Decor Tutorial-how to make or easily upgrade a store bought wreath with a cute hanging monogram. Well we finally found a house in our new town.  It's way smaller than we are used to but it will work for now.  I wouldn't go ...

French Farmhouse Paper Mache Rooster or Chicken Tutorial

DIY Step by step craft project tutorial how to make an upcycled paper mache chicken or rooster with a French farmhouse flair. Unfortunately this will be my last (by me) project tutorial for you guys for a little while.  My family and I are ...

Free Vintage French Newspaper Printable, Le Précurseur 1827

I am currently working on a new paper mache and decoupage sculpture tutorial for you guys. I printed out a scan from an online library in France of the Le Précurseur newspaper, published Friday, February 2, 1827 to use as graphics for the ...