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How to Screenshot / Screen Capture Microsoft Surface Pro

I hope your enjoying your Microsoft Surface tablet / laptop hybrid.  I’ve owned and used the RT, Surface Pro 2, and now the Surface Pro 3 core i7 model.  There are a thousand reasons you may need to screenshot or screen cap from your Su ...

Surface Pro 3 Dock Owner Review. Excellent!

The surface pro 3 dock is exactly what I needed.  Lightweight and sturdy, the dock is easy to use and enhances the abilities of your Surface Pro 3.  If you’re not a “dock person”, or have limited budget then I certainly hope you&

Crown Guide PS3 Hot Shots Golf World Invitational Challenge Mode

This is the Crown Guide for Challenge Mode SPECIFICALLY for the PlayStation 3 Version of Hot Shots Golf World Invitational.  The crown requirements are not the same as the PS Vita version.  Start with the easy ones, knock them out for unlocks, ...