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Added: January 13, 2017
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Looking for Online Marketing Apprentices

I have a story to tell you before getting to the specifics of all of this.   I never found school challenging enough or relevant enough to give a damn about jumping through the artificial hoops it had set. Up until the end of high-school I ...

8 of my wallpapers to remind me of things

There’s not much of an introduction to be made here. I’ve been making these types of wallpapers for quite some time now. I guess some of you will like them and maybe find them useful/nice to look at, so I’m going to share them by packs ...

The story of how I became a Virgin

This kid was born on July the 15th, 1950. His life was one that few of us can truly relate to. Not because of something extraordinarily brilliant. But because of the very real and constant impossibility to properly read. He wasn’t blind. He ...

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