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Added: January 13, 2017
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3 ingredients for a good life that people rarely talk about

As a guy who was, and still is, lucky to be alive. To be born to hard-working parents. To people who are still the clear example of what one can achieve just by believing in a better life. And finally in a place that just happened to be on a ...

Looking for Online Marketing Apprentices

I have a story to tell you before getting to the specifics of all of this.   I never found school challenging enough or relevant enough to give a damn about jumping through the artificial hoops it had set. Up until the end of high-school I ...

8 of my wallpapers to remind me of things

There’s not much of an introduction to be made here. I’ve been making these types of wallpapers for quite some time now. I guess some of you will like them and maybe find them useful/nice to look at, so I’m going to share them by packs ...

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