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Added: December 31, 2016
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Types of Reviewers // Just Like Snowflakes, We Are All Unique

Donuts are really yummy. Wait. This isn’t a food blog? Where I talk about potatoes and donuts and other foods? Ohhhh sorry, I got this blog and my constant inner thoughts about food mixed up. Haha. That happens a lot. Anyways, there are ...

October 2017 Blotted Recap // SPOOPY SEASON & I Went To The Library Too Many Times & SO MANY BOOKS OMG

Was October trying to crush me with all of the releases? Obviously yes. I WENT TO THE LIBRARY TOO MANY TIMES THIS MONTH. Seriously. Well, technically, I went almost every school day (because it’s really close to my high school and that’s ...

Reasons to Go On That (Official) Hiatus You’ve Been Thinking About

This is basically me just subtweeting myself at this point??? I go on so many unofficial hiatuses I CAN’T. EVEN. I was actually planning on announcing an official hiatus during August to September, but at that point I was already on an unofficial ...

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