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Impact of social media marketing on search engine Optimization (SEO)

Effect of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media on SEOThe Social media and the SEO are two different categories of topic in the internet. However for the bloggers and web masters like me, it is not a two. Most of the time, I may ...

How to get rid of Spam comments on Blog

Effect of Spam Comments in SEOI think now a days spam comments in the blogs are very common problem among the most of the bloggers. Because, most people wants to increase their page rank , getting the backlinks from some other sites. Although ...

How to remove duplicated (double) post from the blog template

way to BloggingI think you may have experienced this problem at least in one day of life if you are a blogger. That is the duplication of the blog template after some changes to the blogger template. Duplication of article widget is mostly caused ...

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