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Added: July 01, 2011
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5 Rules for Writing a Headline Without Clickbait Gimmicks

There are plenty of ways to write a catchy headline—one that will make it almost impossible for users to resist clicking—but not all of these methods are sound or respectable. Thanks to the phenomenon known as “clickbait,” online users ...

How Narrowing Your Niche Can Get You Great Results

When I started out blogging I really had no idea what I was doing. I chose what I thought was “a niche”, and just hit my keyboard like a madman producing random content as fast as possible. You have to blog as much as possible, right? W ...

Organic links. Is there any way how you can affect the amount of them? The answer is yes!

We all know the importance of link building to our SEO strategies and, as a consequence, to our sales figures. More links are pointing to our website or blog, better the chances are that we will rank higher on Google Search, just to mention ...

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