Blairs Brain on Cannabis - Canvassing for Opinion

For your liberty, pleasure, health and safety........ Our specific agenda with no apologies is the required macro-social change & gateway to truth, freedom, cognitive liberty, and harm minimisation - Cannabis Law Reform. It's the stuff of social capital.
Added: April 11, 2006
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Gordon Campbell on the synthetic drugs ban

Now that synthetic cannabis is no longer legal, we can look back at our history with these products and see it as driven by New Zealand’s inability to implement a sensible drugs policy, overall. The legal highs industry was supposed to provide ...

Dogs? Drugs? Good Lord, Know!

Where dog policy intersects with other drug policy....Just Google Dog and Oxytocin

LTE: On the making of good law; first enable reason.

While there is a tautology, illegal because it is immoral, and immoral because it is illegal, the presence of cannabis and its use

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