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Added: October 19, 2015
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Why is Abbreviation Such Long Word? An Interview with Timothy Zahn

?After a long drive into Portland, Oregon (this author did not get lost thankyouverymuch I took a less that perfectly efficient vector set) I checked in at Orycon 39 and met the author of “Thrawn”, “Pawn,” and a host of some of the best ...

Orycon 39 - Dragons, Fun, and Timothy Zahn

Guess who got a two hour "interview" with Timothy Zahn? :) It was a slow morning at Orycon and we had a grand old chat. I will post the description of it tomorrow. Also met an astrophysicists and discussed the FTL in "Dying Embers". Got the ...

Missing Orycon 39

A bug moved into my sinuses and decided that I was not in fact going to Orycon 39 in Portland on its opening day.  So here is a picture of a pretty flower that does not have a sinus infection. Happy, happy flower. ? [...]

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