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T-Shirts are Ordered

This is the rough template for the "Dying Embers" Tee-Shirts I ordered for the upcoming convention.They have been shipped and should be here by Thursday! or Friday, or Monday...Ah well. Weeks in advance so it's all good. Yay, for shipping.  ...

Generic Post

Yeah, a missing power cord, a new job, a glitch with getting a new windshield, and go buy my book.Also socializing is hard and people would be much nicer if they were books.  [...]

Humans are Weird - Brutality 

So what if what makes humans weird is our brutality. Not in the bad sense but when we see a threat we END IT. Alien: "Why did you shoot that animal?!"Human: "Because it had six inch fangs, forward facing eyes, and was CHARGING AT US!" Alien: ...