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Added: January 13, 2016
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Republican speech from a Democrat platform

Ronald Reagan told the following joke: “There was once upon a time that to be a republican in this area in this area of the country felt a little bit like being Gary Cooper in High Noon. Outnumbered in a big way. But I remember the story about ...

American Management

All too true tale of how American management tries to cure all ills by hiring … more management The Americans and Japanese decided to engage in a boat race. Both teams practiced hard and long to reach their peak performance levels. On the ...

Funny movie quotes from Don’t Drink the Water

Funny movie quotes from Don’t Drink the Water, a cold war comedy by Woody Allen, starring Jackie Gleason, Estelle Parsons Funny movie quotes from Don’t Drink the Water Walter Hollander (Jackie Gleason): I don’t eat oysters. You ha

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