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Added: December 04, 2009
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Elemento Mineral Black Clay Soap

I need to send Rossana from Elemento Mineral a huge apology, I owe her two reviews for the products she sent me when I was pregnant (that was over 2 years ago now!!!). There were too many things happening in my life that made it impossible ...

Long Time No See!

Hello! I haven't been on the blogosphere for eons. Life had been throwing me curve balls by the bucket loads.   It's way past midnight where I am now, suddenly remembered that I had (still have?) a blog. Quick check on the long-neglected ...

Sanctum Body Soothe

I came across Sanctum Body Soothe during my stay at a Sydney hotel recently. It's a light lotion that's easily absorbed by my skin and smells strongly of lemon myrtle to my nose. When I checked out the description on the webpage it's supposed ...

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