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Silicone Teething Necklaces and Printed Dresses

The most frequent comment on the blog or Instagram is around my accessories. Lots of love for my handbags, but at the moment the most commented on thing is whatever necklace I'm wearing.While Baby Boy is so small, I'm doing the same thing I ...

Black Jersey Maxi Skirts, Relaxed Tanks and Brown Bags

Two different outfits with two different black maxi skirts. I've mentioned before that I am trying to avoid duplicating items in my wardrobe. I purchased a new black maxi skirt as my old one was looking a little worn after a few years and a ...

Tees, Denim Shorts and Kimonos with Balenciaga Tempete Day Bag

Last year's pregnancy go-to outfit of denim shorts and kimono is still a favourite combination this summer too. While in pregnancy I was appreciating slouchy tees for how well they accommodated a growing baby belly, I like them post baby too ...