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War Games: half-watched, wholly shit

“Wholly shit” is a bit harsh, but I wanted the word play. I think most “computer movies” are hilarious, and old ones are the best. War Games was made in 1983, thirteen years before SkiFree would blow my mind. The trailer was i

The PourMatic: a great machine for an esoteric need

During my undergraduate education I worked in labs that imaged pond scum using confocal microscopy, studied estrogen receptor ligands in rats whose ovaries I removed, and  used yeast to show how errors in the center of the Central Dogma, RNA ...

Marketing Mayhem: The New Folgers Incest Commercial

Since 2009, Folgers has had a lock on awkward, vaguely incestuous, commercial spots. (Fact: the incestuousness of this ad is so undeniable it even spawned its own [creepy] fanfiction genre. [Cite]) While Folger’s may have been the first ...