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Athlete Audit seeks to aggregate the most helpful online reviews on athletic shoes into one easy website so you don't have to go scrambling around the web to find out how a pair of athletic shoes perform. From running to basketball to tennis and more, it'll be difficult not to find something that will suit your needs here.
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10 Tips for Beginner Clipless Cyclists

You’re new to the whole clipless pedal and shoe concept and you’re very eager to experience this “torque” that everyone is talking about. I can tell. Without a doubt, you’re making an excellent choice switching over to clipless pedals. ...

The Super Simple Snowboard Boot Sizing Chart

You want snowboard boots but you want them to fit correctly, right? I mean, who doesn’t? You’d be borderline insane to purchase a pair of boots that are painful or too loose for performance. Unfortunately, this can be the case if you don’t ...

What Are Approach Shoes?

Go to any outdoor retail store and explore the footwear section. You’re likely to find a section dedicated to approach shoes. What are approach shoes exactly, you might ponder. Are they for bachelors looking to talk to beautiful women? Well, ...

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