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Athlete Audit seeks to aggregate the most helpful online reviews on athletic shoes into one easy website so you don't have to go scrambling around the web to find out how a pair of athletic shoes perform. From running to basketball to tennis and more, it'll be difficult not to find something that will suit your needs here.
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How Should Athletic Shoes Fit?

Fitting athletic shoes can be tricky if you’re not sure how they’re supposed to feel right off the bat. Beyond just your good ol’ reliable comfort, the toe, forefoot, midfoot, and heel are all unique areas and the sizing between each can ...

Best Track Spikes and Field Shoes

Track and field is a very demanding sport, and such a demanding sport means proper equipment will be essential. Of course, since track and field is based on athletics, it only makes sense that you’ll want some great athletic shoes on your ...

How to Choose Track Spikes and Field Shoes

Track and field houses many events, all of which will require specialized shoes in order for you to perform at your very best. First and foremost, there are varied disciplines for the track, with spikes having subtle differences that will affect ...

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