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Athlete Audit seeks to aggregate the most helpful online reviews on athletic shoes into one easy website so you don't have to go scrambling around the web to find out how a pair of athletic shoes perform. From running to basketball to tennis and more, it'll be difficult not to find something that will suit your needs here.
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How to Size the Most Popular Climbing Shoes

Sizing climbing shoes correctly is difficult. And I mean mad difficult. No matter how you go about it, the three questions you will inevitably ask yourself when considering a pair of climbing shoes are: how do they fit, how should I size them, ...

Anatomy of an Athletic Shoe

Not all athletic shoes are created equal. This is fairly obvious when comparing, say, a basketball shoe to a soccer cleat. Or a golf shoe to a cycling shoe. Shoes for different sports will have unique factors about them that cater to that specific ...

8 Things More Important Than Your Climbing Shoes

The longer you climb, the more you’ll often hear people talk about their climbing shoes. They’ll talk about how well it sticks to the walls, or doesn’t. You’ll hear about how well they can stand on tiny ledges or not. How good their ...

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