At last, a blog by a fish!

See the world from a fighting fish's point of view. Wise Colin is a blog by the universe's coolest, most intelligent, most opinionated, most UFO-obsessed Zen Master fish (specialising in street signs). His mission - to put humanity in its place. Pity about fish-whisperer George, his uncool human companion.
Added: January 22, 2010
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Category: Humor
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Stop boasting, homo sapiens!

Fifty Shades of Grey! Anything humans can do, fish can do better. For example, kinky sexual habits… Take the groper. (Yes, I know the word is full of innuendo but try to stay focused.) The Eastern Blue Groper (found around … Continue re ...

A very wise Wise Colin observation

Here is a little observation I want to share with you. I hope you will remember it always. Especially if you keep an aquarium. A fish out of water is most probably dead. Tagged: Comedy, quote

New species of clown fish discovered

Wise Colin attends a clown workshop. Wise Colin hopes to star in any re-make of Finding Nemo.

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