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Regularization of Illegal Buildings in Andalusia

Architect Daniel Trujillanohttp://www.arquitectotrujillano.com/legalization/home.htmlLegalization of Buildings in Andalusia

Rules for the Valuation of Properties According ECO/805/2003 (IV)

Valuation Rules According ECO/805/2003 (IV)Floor Areas used in the Valuation of a PropertyIn general, the floor area that must be used in order to calculate the value of a building in Spain is the floor area as checked by the valuer. However, ...

Legalization and Occupation in Andalusia (III)

The Occupation of Legalized Buildings in Andalusia (III)Occupation of Buildings with Expired Urban Offense and Requiring Adaptadion Works. Occupation of SAFO Buildings in Un-Developable Land.In Andalusia, when a building expired in terms of ...