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Sometimes i write on technology , sometimes my life. Hope you enjoy reading because that is the main reason i write. Enjoy Life !!!!
Added: April 20, 2006
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Driving : Redmond vs Hyderabad/Delhi

So I am currently in Washington state and things here are so huge (including distances), that one has to invariably drive around to reach any place. Public transport is there but too expensive for rupee to dollar convertors like me :)I was a ...

Dear Salman Khurshid, we are smarter than you think

Just saw a Devil’s advocate program in which Salman Khurshid tells Karan that his viewers wont understand the word ‘euphemism’. Small Note to him : We are smarter than you think ! (As you might discover during the next polls)

Now we cant even protest in peace !

Really mesmerized by the government’s latest move imposing restrictions on the protest by Anna Hazare, whats particularly interesting is that there was no such condition on the earlier fasts. Totally furious with our government ! And we ...

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