Andy Renard Artwork

Photography and digital artwork. Official page of the Scandinavian artist Andy Renard. Read stories, enjoy beautiful photography and artwork and get "inside" preview and information about upcoming projects.
Added: May 06, 2017
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The Human Cut

Free range, organic and extra tender meat from happy men. All our men have at least 9 square feet space per individual and they have access to an outdoor area when the weather conditions allow it. The fact that our men are happy all the way ...

Näcken – The Nix

Näcken (Neck, Nicor, Nixie or Nokken) are shapeshifting water spirits in Germanic and Norse mythology and folklore. In Scandinavia usually appeared in the form of a young and pretty handsome man. With his beautiful music play, usually on a ...

Mara – Mare

A female Mare riding on a sleeping man’s chest. A mare sneaks upon a sleeping person and riding on their chest. The victim may get maredreams and be infected by various diseases. The Mare also ride horses during the night, and leave them ...

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