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Web Analytics Concepts & Terms- Doubleclick Data & Reporting

What is Doubleclick?There has been an exponential growth in ad technology and Google's DoubleClick™ is one of the top companies that develops and provides Internet ad serving services. It does so by Serving Advertisements: Publishers (site ...

Analytics Concepts- Product Affinity or Market Basket analysis

What does your customer's basket look like? Product Affinity Analysis helps one identify the products which have a high probability of being purchased together. The analysis also helps us determine the items that drive the sales of other products. ...

Social Media Analytics- Twitter text mining using SAS

Can SAS be used to gather sentiments from Twitter? The answer to that would be 'Yes'.  The huge growth in mineable text on the web offers a wide range of opportunities for Analytics. One such platform of expressing views is 'Twitter'. It has ...

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