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Amy Castro, MA, CSP, is a Performance Communication Expert, Speaker, Trainer, and Blogger who works with individuals and organizations that want to improve leadership, increase performance, decrease conflict, and improve customer service through excellent interpersonal and business communication. Her weekly performance communication blog provides insight, tools, and techniques for professionals who want to improve their communication skills to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
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Never bring these things up at the holiday dinner table

This week, I’m posting my blog early because with Thanksgiving just two days away, we’re officially starting the holiday season- including the stress of family gatherings. Family holiday gatherings should be a time to reconnect, enjoy ...

How to talk about money without starting a conflict

The money taboo is nothing new. For most of us, how much we have, how we choose to spend it, and whether we’re having financial difficulties, are all very personal. Revealing this information can make us feel vulnerable to other people’s ...

What the pool guy taught me about being courteous

15 years ago, when we put a pool in our backyard, I had the unfortunate honor of being the only person home when they “turned over” the pool to us. That means I was the one who was taught how to clean the pool, backwash the filter, empty ...

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