Essays and musings on martial arts philosophy, teaching, and training, from the perspective of being a Westerner practicing Eastern arts.
Added: September 12, 2009
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Martial Arts and the Myth of Learning Styles

When last year I read of a study that debunked key popular beliefs about “learning styles,” I thought, “Yes! I knew it!” These beliefs were, and no doubt still are, very widely and deeply held: that there are distinct styles, or modalities, ...

First post of the new year…

I resolve to write some new blog posts this year. There’s plenty to write about; just can’t always find the time, in between all the other things I resolve to get done. Happy New Year, blogosphere!

A Question of Respect

I’ve decided to post a question, because I’ve been too busy to write a good post in quite some time, and this trend might continue. It’s on one of my favorite subjects: Respect- what it is, what it means. Here’s the question:

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