America In Chains 2009 is about America's descent into slavery.
Added: January 20, 2010
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You are a SLAVE! The government STEALS from Americans (through taxes). Politicians, in their lust for power, BRIBE their constituents in order to remain in power. Afraid to steal too much (raise taxes), for their bribery of the public, p ...

Lemonade Stand Closed Down by Government

Everything was going well until a government official came by and asked her for a $120 business license. When the little girl said she didn't have one, they threatened to fine her $500. The little girl started crying and her mother took her ...

Nazism = Socialism

Nazism is NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Communism is SOCIALISM. Many regard these two political systems as opposites, but they are alike. Both require DICTATORSHIPS to survive. Both result in SLAVERY and OPPRESSION.

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