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Added: May 10, 2013
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Because USA: Racist Asian People Jokes @ The Oscars

Via The Mary Sue February 29, 2016 In case you missed this year's Academy awards, which you probably did, not only were some black actors like Will Smith racially surprisingly snubbed from the nominations, but there were two occasions when Asian ...

2nd Best Korea Brings Best Bowie Tribute

About a month ago after the second King of Rock and Roll passed away, a very highly talented, beautiful and ambitious musician from second best Korea named Luna Lee produced this truly incredible tribute to David Bowie. She played all the parts ...

Virgin Mice Science Research In Japan

Via In a new study from Japan, results have shown that virgin mice preferred watching mice fight videos and receiving morphine injections rather than watching mice erotica and mice sniffing videos. The research was done by Japanese ...

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