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My aloe benefits blog tells you about all the best benefits of aloe vera and aloe products. I've been using aloe for over 15 years and I share with you everything I know! Plus learn about all the different aloe vera products, from aloe vera juice to aloe gelly and aloe shampoo. You can also buy aloe online from my aloe store.
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Is Your Colon Toxic Part 2

If you scroll further down this blog, you will see a video showing exactly what happens in your intestines when you drink aloe vera - it makes particularly interesting viewing after these 2 videos about toxic colon!

Is Your Colon Toxic?

This is a fascinating video (part 2 next) about how a toxic colon affects your health. This is why I drink aloe vera! It gently cleans the colon and detoxes.

10 Benefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera

For more in depth information about the benefits of drinking aloe vera, you can download the free pdf by clicking on the link at the top of the right hand column of this blog! I hope you find it really useful.

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