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The All Graphical blog was developed to showcase spectacular visuals. Content range from art, architecture, infographics, wallpapers, comics, wildlife, gaming to possibly much more in the future.
Added: October 07, 2010
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Street Art (Julian Beever Part 5)

As usual, Julian Beever has great interactions with spectators in addition to strategically inserting himself into his creative productions. Note that he creates the illusion of a miniature person on the beer by using d ...

Lazy People in Action!

A great example of your tax dollars at work. Unless these are volunteer firefighters that never got paid. People that figured walking their dogs should not require walking on their part. Also has the side effect of being very disruptive to ...

Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel castle was built by William de Volpiano, an Italian architect. Mont Saint-Michel actually began as a monastery rather than a defensive structure like most other castles. The fortified commune experienced a history of tides ...

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